Discount Coupons


What are discount coupons?

Discount coupons allow users to make purchases on your store for reduced costs on all or specific items. This is a great way to run sales or reward users for website or in-game conduct.


Creating Discount Coupons

You can create new coupons by clicking [Create Coupon] button in the coupon section of your DonationCraft Admin. You can configure the following settings for coupons:

  • Coupon code: This field sets the actual code users must enter to apply the coupon to their purchase.
  • Effective on: You can choose to have this coupon affect the total purchase price, or only the price(s) of individual items or categories. Choosing "Specific Items / Categories" will cause the next option to appear.
  • Effective on the following Item / Categories: This is an array input. Clicking on it drops down a list of all of your store's categories and items. Click on each one to add them to the discounted list.
  • Discount Type: This option determines the type of discount the coupon provides. You can choose between it taking a percentage (For instance, 50%) or a flat rate (Example: $5.00) off of the item cost.
  • Discount: This accepts a numeric value. You can set the discount from 0 to 100% or to any flat rate value.
  • Start Date: The calendar here allows the choice of the date this coupon will become effective. You may want to pick a future date if you are advertising a coupon before it is usable (A standard marketing tactic).
  • Expiry: Set the length of time or number of uses that your coupon will last for. Choosing the "On a given date" option creates a calendar from which the date can be picked. Alternatively, "After redeem limit" can be used to set a limit to the number of times the coupon can be used before it is consumed. Pick the "Never Expires" option means the coupon will last until it is manually deleted.
  • Redeem limit per user: Allows you to set how many times the same user can apply this coupon to their purchases.
  • Minimum cart value: This prevents the coupon from being usable unless the total value of items in their shopping cart exceeds the listed number.
  • Apply discount to custom option prices: Does exactly what is written. You can choose to disable this and allow the coupon to work only on pre-determined item purchases.

How do users use Coupons?

Your users can apply discounts by typing in the coupon code at your store's checkout page. The coupon code must be entered exactly the same way as you typed it in the field above.

Type the code in the text field under the "Coupon Code" heading. Click the "Redeem Code" button to apply it. A coupon code can be removed (To replace it with another one) by clicking the button with the 'X' symbol in it. Currently, only one coupon code can be used per purchase.


Tip: You can use a 100% discount coupon to make a test purchase. When you do this, the checkout price will be changed from a number (crossed out) to the word "Free!" The checkout option to pay will also be changed to "Get Items."

You can do this as often as you need while testing shop commands. This is especially useful if you just want to make sure that Minecraft server commands are working correctly for a particular package.


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