Notifier settings

Where can I find the notifier area?

The notifier can be found within your donationcraft settings tab > notification section.

What is it?

The Notifier allows you to set up automated email notifications. These can be sent to you, your admins, or your users whenever an item on your store is purchased.

  • Email notification settings:

Most of these options are fairly self explanatory. Check these boxes if you want email messages to be sent.

  • Send email to user after purchase:
  • Send email to website owner when a user purchases an item:
  • Send email to admins when a user purchases an item:
  • Private message notification settings:

The settings below are the same as above. You may choose to send any combination of PMs and email notifications with purchases.

  • Send private message to user after purchase:
  • Send private message to website owner after purchase:
  • Send private message to admins after purchase:

Variables: Below is a list of all the different variables our system will accept for email notifications. Type in these variables exactly as they are written... if you do so, they will automatically be replaced with the correct phrases once a message or email is sent.

  • {website_name}
  • {item_name}
  • {item_price}
  • {item_description}
  • {user_name}
  • {user_id}
  • {purchase_date}
  • {tag_expiry_length}
  • {coupon_code}

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