Continue Using DNS - Point Domain

How to continue using's DNS, but point your domain to Enjin

This is the alternative method if you do not want to use our name servers with your domain. If you want to continue using your DNS, but point your domain to Enjin for use on your website, please follow these instructions.

  1. Log into
  2. Once logged in, you should see a list of domains on your account. Under the Management section of the domain we are dealing with, click on the drop-down selection and choose 'DNS Record Management'.
  3. On the left, Click on the 'DNS Records' section
  4. Replace any existing @ or (www) records with or enter in the following 3 custom DNS records.
Record type: "A" (Host: @ *) Answer - and (Create 2 separate A records for these 2 IPs)
Record type: CNAME. (Host: www) Answer-
 6. Your done with Wait 30 minutes then continue onto the next section for the instructions in Enjin.
Click here to move onto the next step of this tutorial.
*@ is your website's root domain, just leave the input blank to get the same result.
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