Upgrading for free

How to upgrade for free

You have the option of upgrading your website for free. Within your admin panel > plans and pricing tab, click prepay and save. Under the 2 payment options, you will see a very long list of offers and surveys that you can fill out to earn free days on the plan you desire. Some offers and surveys may also cost money, but still may serve as a major saving compared to directly purchasing a plan for the same amount of days.

Please be aware that we have limited control over these surveys, so if any issues arise, you will need to contact "TrialPay", our merchant with these inquiries. After they confirm that these surveys or offers are completed, you will receive the specified amount of days on Enjin.


I didn't receive my plan days from the offer I completed

Please make sure you've waited at least a few hours for the offer to complete and for you to receive your days.

If multiple hours have passed, we would strongly urge you to contact TrialPay, the company that created these offers and acts as merchant for Enjin. Trialpay has the ability to look into this issue, and offer assistance on completing the survey/offer.

Once the offer has been completed, you will receive the days properly on Enjin.


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