Using the Theme Editor

Launching the theme editor

Note: Only the trial plan, advanced plan, and ultimate plan can use the theme editor. Not the free plan.

To launch the theme editor, visit your admin panel > themes tab > theme editor tab > click "Create Theme" on the top right of the page > select a base theme to edit.

Once you've created the theme, it's time to actually edit it. Click "editor" in the row of existing themes. This will launch the theme editor.

Saving changes

Anything you change within the theme editor automatically saves itself. You don't need to click save anywhere.

However, if you want to "save as" with another copy of the theme, you can do this within the theme editor. You just click "save as" in the top right corner.

Loading different themes while in the theme editor

You can load different themes while within the theme editor by clicking the "Load" button in the top right. You can then select another one of your themes to edit.

Closing and Minimizing the theme editor

Your session within the theme editor will continue until you close it. To close out of the theme editor, click the "X" in the top right corner.

Furthermore, you can minimize the theme editor by clicking the " - " button in the top right corner. This allows you to see more of the website when trying to edit things.
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