Creating tag automations

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What are tag automations?

Tag automations allow you to create automatic systems that will trigger actions when the conditions are met. For example, if a user reaches [x] posts on your forum, you can give them [y] tag, or modify their points. We have a ton of different conditions allowing you so many different ways to manage your users.

How to create a tag automation

  • Visit your admin panel > users tab > Automations & points tab > User automations area
  • Click "Create Automation" on the top right


  • Automation name - The name of the automation; for organizational purposes only
  • Conditions - The conditions that need to be met in order to fire the actions
  • Add/remove tags
  • Tag expiration - When will an added tag be removed?
  • Add/remove points

What are all of the conditions?

We're always adding new conditions to the list. The best way to see what available conditions there are is to go view it yourself when creating an automation.

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