Using the TS3 Channel Manager

What is it?

The channel manager displays all the channels on your TS3 server and allows you to create, edit, and move / nest channels. You can also sync user tags with channel groups, view the client list and set channel settings.

Admin panel > voice tab > channel manager.

Creating Channels and Sub-channels

Click [Create Channel] to create a channel. Created channels will instantly appear in the TS3 client. You can set the channel name, password and topic. To create a sub-channel click [create sub-channel] next to the relevant channel.

Moving / Nesting Channels

You can drag and drop channels anywhere. Click and hold the mouse key at the arrow button and drag the channel either above or nest under another channel. You can create multiple nesting levels just like in the TS3 client.

Editing Channels

Click the [Edit] button to edit a channel. You can edit various settings here including syncing tags to groups for each channel and viewing the client list.

Syncing a user tag with a channels & channel groups

Select the channel(s) and click [Sync Channel to Tag] button. Alternatively you can edit the channel and click ‘Synced Tags’ tab. If you have any items synced, the user tags and channel groups will be listed here.

Adding Tag Sync to a channel

Click the [Add Tag Sync] button. Select a user tag and the channel group you wish to sync with. Note, that any users that gain this user tag will automatically receive the channel group access assigned here for this channel. Note, you can only sync 1 channel group per specific channe; per user tag.

Remove Channel Tag Sync

Edit the channel and go to ‘Synced Tags’, click the [x] on the right for the relevant user tag and channel group.

Tag Synced Indicator

If a channel is synced to user tag(s) the channel manager will display ‘Tag Synced’ next to the channel.

Channel Client List

This displays the clients that have access to this channel and any relevant channel groups.

Deleting Channels

Click the [x] icon to right of each channel to remove it.

Mass Moving Users

Within the channel manager, you have the ability to mass move all users, specific tagged users, or specific users within a channel to any channel you desire. This is great for assembling meetings, or getting everyone together on any certain occasion. You will see this option to the right of each row for each individual channel.

Mass moving includes these options:

Move all users to current channel
Move all users from current channel to another channel
Move all users from another channel to current channel
Move specific users to this channel
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