TeamSpeak 3 Logs & Backups

Server Logs

Within your admin panel > voice tab > "View Logs" section, you can view the generic server logs for your TeamSpeak 3 server hosted by Enjin.

Other features include
  • Filtering the logs by any of the 3 previous individual months
  • Downloading the full log for your server
  • Setting what should and should not be logged
Server Backups

Enjin automatically backs up your server every 2 weeks. This means that if anything ever happens to your server, we can always get your channels, users, and user groups back up in no time.

But say you just recently made major changes to your server, and we haven't automatically backed it up for you yet. You can manually back up your server in your admin panel > voice tab > server backups section

You also don't need our help for restoring your server at all. By simply visiting this area of your control panel, and clicking "restore" next to any of your automatic/manual backups, you're good to go!

Resetting my server back to factory default

If for whatever reason you want to go back to day 1 factory default, you can do this yourself. We've made a "Reset server to default" button within the server backups area in your admin panel > voice tab.
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