Using the TeamSpeak 3 Ban Manager

Creating a ban through the admin panel
  • To create a ban on your TS3 server, visit your admin panel > voice tab > Ban manager section.
  • Click the "Create Ban" button on the top left.

Creating a ban through the client
  • Open your TS3 client
  • Ensure you have server admin permissions, or enough permissions to ban a user
  • Select and right click a user online within your server
  • Click "Ban Client" in the dropdown

Wildcard IP Bans

You can apply wildcard IP bans through the admin panel. This means that if you ban the IP address "198.1.*.*" any users within this range of IP addresses will not be able to connect to your server.

Within the create ban popup in your admin panel > voice tab > ban manager, simply enter in the wildcard IP address. Use the symbol * to represent any wildcard numbers. Or if you want to ban only 1 specific IP address, enter the whole thing as is.

Will bans sync between the server and the website admin panel?

Yes they will. If you ban a person manually through the client, the user will be added to the ban manager in your admin panel. And vice versa.

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