User signature settings

Where? You can edit your forum's signature settings within your admin panel > modules tab > edit your forum module > settings tab > Signatures section.

Setting the width / height for signatures in your forum board

In this section of the forum settings, we can easily set the width of height of your forum board signatures. This will change the height/width displayed on everyone's signature on your website.

A very common issue with signatures occurs when your user signatures are too small. To fix this issue, simply visit this area and modify the height/width to your desire.

Signature scrollbar

In this area of the forum settings, you can modify what happens when a user's signature is larger than your set signature height / width. Do you want a scrollbar to appear or don't you? Here's the available options.
  • Always show scrollbar on everyone's signature
  • Only show scrollbar when hovered upon
  • Never show scrollbar
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