Using the Chat Channel Module

User Options

To use bbcode when posting a message, simply click the up arrow icon directly to the right of the text input area and smiley icon.

BBCode options availabe

  • Bold
  • Italicized
  • Underlined
  • Text Color
  • Highlight color
  • Text size
  • Link
  • Image embed
  • Youtube embed
  • Spoiler
  • Code
  • List (numbered, or bullets)

Disabling the sound To disable the beeping noise, or any other noise occurring from this module, simply click the speaker icon displayed next to the text input area / smiley icon. Clicking this will toggle sound within the module.

Smiley Icons Choose a smiley to use with your text! Smiley icons are taken directly from your smiley manager. If you are on the Ultimate plan, you can modify your smileys within your admin panel > settings tab > smiley manager.

Commands There are many commands users / moderators can use within the chat to display or use at their disposal. Many of these commands are explained further below in the commands area of this wiki page.

Users can type "/help" within the chat to display all current commands

User Interaction

Within the chat channel > simply click the name of a user to bring up a user navigation dashboard allowing you to

  • Visit individuals profiles
  • Add friends
  • Private chat
  • Private message
  • Kick
  • Ban

Note: Clicking on your own name will do nothing. This is normal.

Users NAMES and TEXT are synced with their tags assigned to them. This means that if a user has [x] tag, and [x] tag has a purple color assigned to those usernames, this user will have a purple username. If [x] tag also has purple default posting color, this user's text will be displayed as purple.

To edit these two things, edit the tag within your admin panel > users area.

Channel Favorites

To manage your favorite channels, simply click the chat icon on the bottom left of your website > click the "Favorites" tab.

How to add channels to favorites
To add a channel to your favorites, simply visit the website > open up the active channels list > click the star icon next to the channel's name in the list. The channel will then appear in your favorites tab.

How to remove a channel from your favorites
To remove a channel from your favorites, simply click the chat icon on the bottom left of your website > Favorites tab > click the yellow star next to the channel you want to remove. This will remove the channel from your favorites tab.

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