Images aren't fitting correctly within the showcase module

I've uploaded an image, but it isn't scaling correctly

Images uploaded to the showcase module will be scaled to the height you set in the module settings and the width available to the module.

When creating images for this module, you should use the exact dimensions for the module and keep these dimensions constant.

For example, say you set "300px" as the height in the module settings, and you have this module on the top of your page spanning the entire width. You would make your images roughly 1100px by 300px.

You can also get the approximate width by visiting your admin panel > pages tab > layout editor. By clicking & dragging the slider above your container holding the showcase module, it will display the width of the section.

Getting the exact dimenions
  • Right click the showcase module on your website
  • Click "Inspect Element"
  • Find the element for the showcase module representing the size of the module
  • Note down the exact dimensions for all images
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