Enjin Minecraft Plugin is saying that my key is invalid

Server is saying that the key is invalid

This can sometimes be an issue, but 95% of the time we find that regenerating a new key can solve this issue. Please follow the directions below.

  • Make sure you have correctly added the plugin file to your server
  • Make sure that after you added the file to your server, you restarted the server completely
  • Make sure that you've added your server to your admin panel > minecraft tab
  • Continue with the directions below
  1. Go to your admin panel > minecraft tab > servers tab
  2. If you haven't added your server yet, please do so
  3. If your server is added, you can view the key on this "servers" page
  4. You need to click "edit" -> "Generate Key"
  5. Copy the command EXACTLY as stated within the popup
  6. Visit your server console in-game and paste what was given to you
If you continue to have troubles, please try generating a new key once more. Also triple check you are using the correct syntax with the command. It should be "/enjin key KEY" only replacing "KEY" with the actually key in your admin panel.
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