Continue using your own DNS, but point your domain to Enjin




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    can not use both @ records at same time Google Domains won't alow it as it point to same place so only end up with 2 one @ and CNAME

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    Google domains allows you to add multiple IPs per entry. You can just setup your root (@) record with both IPs in a single record.

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    Micah Morris

    how would I do this but have it end up as this instead " " instead of being I'm trying to set it as a subdomain for my DNS instead of the root link

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    Nicole Monson (Edited )

    If I'm going to use your DNS (Domain Name Service) name servers I need a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) instead of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. You don't add DNS servers using IP address, you use a FQDN.

    A/AAAA records are only used for name servers to give them a FQDN which has to belong to a different domain than the domain you want to use them for. In order for to run a site, and use your own name servers you need two FQDNs. One to give your name server their A/AAAA FQDNs, and one that will have the A/AAAA/ETC record for the site location.

    If these were FQDNs you should be able to add them to site like Google domains with no problems.

    Regarding sub-domains. If we had the FDQNs for the name servers we could easily us a NS record and point a sub-domain, and all if it's sub-domains use Enjin's name servers. The information on this page is useless.

    There are also many people out that don't don't want their sites accessable using, and have made sure there is no A/AAAA record for

    A is for IPv4
    AAAA is for IPv6

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