How to secure your website




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    Very in depth and helpful by adding the step by step processes and explanations. Excellent job!

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    Will it be compatible with my proxy provider ? Want to surf the Internet anonymously, but the administrator still sees my ip.

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    William Stark (Edited )

    When you are developing a website then keep some website security basics in your mind. Always select the secure platform and keep everything up to date. For developing a websites we must use secure CMS or secure frameworks and take SLL security from your host. You have mentioned very good tips, thanks for sharing.

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    Alex Morgan

    I really find this article very helpful. I run a blog on Wordpress and use an SSL certificate and some security plugins to secure my site from hackers. I also use Akismet filter to fight spam comments. I find this Wordpress Security guide really helpful and made the changes in my site as per the recommendations given in the guide.

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