Setting Up The Vote for Diamonds Module

Minecraft Plugin

Creating The Module
  • Go to your admin panel > modules tab > under the section "Minecraft", create the "Vote For Diamonds" module
  • Go to your admin panel > pages tab > place the module on any of your pages.
Configuring The Module
  • Edit the module and go to the "Vote Settings" tab
  • Ensure that your Minecraft server is selected on this page
  • Add server voting sites to this module by scrolling through our available list and click "Add List" next to any of them that you would like users to be able to vote on.
  • Once you've added voting sites, click "edit list" next to each voting site
  • Enter in a display name for this voting site
  • Enter in the URL to your specific voting page for your server. For example, a link may be
Rewards / Conditions
  • Edit your vote for diamonds module and go to the "Rewards" tab
  • You'll need to create at least 1 reward and at least 1 condition for the module to work properly
  • Rewards are given to the users when they meet the conditions you set
  • Rewards can add and remove website tags, as well as make commands to the server. So for example, if you wanted to give users 1 diamond upon voting, your command would state "give {name} diamond 1".
  • Conditions can be made to give users rewards when they meet a certain number of votes in [x] amount of time, or they are the top voter for the day, week or month.
  • If you wanted to give a user a specific reward each time they vote, you would make the following condition: "User Voted on ANY selected server lists 1 time in the last 1 days".
Still Having Trouble
Still having trouble getting your vote module to work?

We have a troubleshooting list located here that will most likely solve your issue. Take a look here: 
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