Using Custom Emails With Enjin DNS - MX Records

How to set up custom email addresses with Enjin DNS

Guides on setting up custom emails with Enjin through specific providers

Understand that Enjin does not provide mailing servers. This means that if you want to use "" as an email, you need to register for a private email. We recommend Google Suite (G Suite) due to their sophisticated spam protection, vast range of integrated products, large mailbox capacity and as they're a highly recognised and trusted brand.

Because you've switched to Enjin's DNS, you'll need to set up the appropriate DNS records with us in order for the emails to actually work.

  • Go to your user dashboard > website settings area > DNS management panel. Or click this link here

Once in the DNS manager, enter in the MX record(s) (provided by your email host/registrar). Here's an example of how they would be used with our DNS manager.

Priority - Priority can be 10 in most cases, unless otherwise stated by your email provider.

Hostname - If your host requires your hostname to be your root domain (, just leave the hostname blank.

Mailserver Hostname - Paste the mailserver hostname exactly as your hostname gave you. REMEMBER TO APPEND A PERIOD AT THE END (if not already done)! This is required.

TTL - TTL can be 1800. Some hosts may give you a specific TTL to input.

Some hosts may also require you to create a TXT and/or subdomain record(A and/or CNAME record)

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