Online Players Graph


The '''Minecraft server players graph''' shows how many players are online on your server for each interval over a period of time. You can choose time length periods of a day, a week, or a month.

Settings for Minecraft Server Players Online Graph

  • Select Server: If you have more than one Minecraft server, you can pick which one this module will interact with. NOTICE: You MUST have the Enjin Minecraft Plugin correctly installed and authenticated on the selected server, or this module will NOT work!
  • Time length period:You can choose how long this module will track number of users for. The options are for the past day, past week, or past month.

Minecraft Server Players Online Graph on the Front-end

This module displays a graph of how many players were online on your server at any given time over the past length of time of your choice. If you '''hover your mouse icon over the graph''', a small window will appear that shows the exact number of players that were online at the given highlighted time.

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