Top Players Online


The '''Minecraft server top players online''' module shows which of your players have clocked in the most hours on your Minecraft server.

This module will display a list of your players with the greatest amount of time spent on your server. Players are ordered from most to least amount of accumulated time logged in. The amount of space the module will take up is dependent on what the '''Number of Top Players''' field is set to.

  • Select Server: This lets you pick from among your servers if you have more than one. Make sure that you have followed the instructions to install the [[Enjin Minecraft Plugin]] first! If you do not, then this module will ''NOT'' work!
  • Number of Top Players: This lets you choose how many players the module will display. A higher number of players means that the module will use up more space on your page.
  • Reset Every:The drop-down option here lets you choose the interval at which the list will reset the amount of hours tracked. You can choose between daily, weekly. or monthly. All players restart at 0 time spent on the server.


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