Top Forum Votes

Or also known as "Top Forum Likes" under the "Forum" category in the admin panel > modules area.


The Top Forum Likes module displays users in descending or ascending order of how many positive forum likes they may have. Forum likes / dislikes are given within threads by any user's who have the access to do this. This is done by pressing the thumbs up (green thumb) or thumbs down (red button) under each post within a thread.

Note: Forum voting is currently only available to the premium plans. The free website plan will not have the ability to enable forum voting. This module will not be applicable to the free plan since forum voting is not an option.

Enabling forum voting

If you are on the Advanced or Ultimate website plan, you can enable forum voting per tag access by visiting your admin panel > modules tab > edit your forums module > edit each forum area > Up/Down Vote access.

Module editor options

  • Number of top voters: Choose the amount of users you want to display in the vertical list. Default is 5. Choose from 1,3,5,10,15, and 20.
  • Display type: Display users with the most top positive likes OR most negative votes.

What it looks like

Front end:




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