Site Activity Wall

This module displays the recent activities that have occurred and for you to post statuses on your wall.

Module Settings


  • Who can create posts: Select the user tags that are able to post statuses on your activity wall.
  • Who can delete posts and comments: The user tags assigned here will have moderation power over the posts on your activity wall.
  • Do not allow non site members to comment / like wall posts: Allow or disallow site guests to leave a comment or 'like' a post.

Display Settings

  • Number of posts shown per page: Limit of the number of posts that can be displayed on your module at a time.

Filter items

  • Select the feeds that you want your module to display.

Site Activity Wall

Posting a status

  • Status - This is the default post type, you are able to write your thoughts on the activity wall with text in this option.
  • Link - Selecting this option allows you to attach an external link to your status.
  • Photo - Upload an image and attach it to your status update.
  • Video - You can share a video by attaching it's URL to your status.

View Access

Public - Allow all guests and members to view this status

Registered users - Allow only users who have registered to view this status.

Admins - Only administrators can view this status.


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