News Archive Module


The News Archive module allows you to easily display an archive of old news articles from any month of each year from up to 5 years in the past. This allows users to quickly take a look at any news post you may have made in the past. For example, if a user wants to find a news article created back in October of 2011, he would click the vertical link "October 2011" and it would show all posts from this month+year.

News archive module options

  • News Module: Choose the news module to associate this news archive with. You can only choose 1 news module at this time to feed from.
  • Years to show: Choose whether to display the archive of posts from the current year, or choose to display the archive from up to 5 years ago.
  • Months to show: Choose how many months you would like to be visible in the vertical display. This can be up to 60 months.
  • Hide months with no entries: Tick this off to hide any months without any news posts in it.
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