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Similar to the "Status" module, the User Wall Feed module display in vertical list style your site's most recent user wall feed updates. With this module, you can choose who wall to feed from, how many statuses to display, and what is allowed to display within the feed. You also have the capability of switching between the smaller size mode, and the normal mode for a slightly larger display.

The front-end of this module allows for:

  • Links, images, videos from statuses created by users
  • Like the statuses right from this module
  • Comment on the statuses right from this module
  • Easily view your favorite wall feeds right from one simple module!

Options associated with this module

Show statuses from certain tags: The first option here allows you to select certain tags of which to display in the feed. If you choose registered users, any user's status update that has fully joined your website will be displayed on this module.

How many statuses to display: Choose how many status updates to show. 5 is default. Choose from 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 30.

Display mode: Smaller or normal. Small is best used on the side of the website. Normal uses slightly larger text and objects.

Other options:

  • Show user avatar: If ticked, each user's avatar will display next it's associated user's status update.
  • Show statuses that share links: Enable or disable links to be shown within status updates.
  • Show statuses that share images: Enable or disable images to be shown within status updates.
  • Show statuses that share videos: Enable or disable videos to be shown within status updates.

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