Teamspeak Group Pay


The TeamSpeak 3 Group Pay module allows your users to help pay for extra slots / extra time on your Teamspeak 3 server.

Users can either pay via Paypal OR Credit card.

This module is only compatible with TS3 servers hosted with Enjin.


To use this module, simply visit your admin panel > modules tab > Store & Donations category. Within this category, create a "TeamSpeak 3 Group Pay" module.

Place the module on any page within your admin panel > pages tab.


This module has only a few options you need to select in order to get it working properly. You can edit these by editing the module within your admin panel > modules area.

Preferred Server Slots
Choose how many slots you would prefer to have. If you are selecting a number of slots higher than your current number of total slots, users will be donating the amount of money to achieve your preferred slottage. If any donations are received, your server will be instantly upgraded.

When users attempt to donate, and select either paypal or credit card, the user will have the option to select the expiration of these slots. The prices listed will be the prices of your preferred slots.

This is displayed on the top of the module. This should be a simple snippet of text explaining that you want users to donate.

This is displayed below the title of the module.

Number of users to show
This is the number of users to display who have donated. If 3 users have donated via this module, they will be displayed vertically on the bottom of the module. If a lot of users have donated, pagination will be enabled.

All questions in this module are required.

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