SWTOR Recruitment Status Module


Similar to the general "Recruitment Form" module, this module is specifically designed for displaying the recruitment status of each rank in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This module offers the ability to set each of the 4 classes's recruitment status to high, medium, low, or closed meaning you are no longer taking in any more applicants. You will also have the ability to link any positions to a page on your website, allowing for the any user to apply for each position easily. See screenshots for more details.

This module's admin options

  • Set the faction: Set the faction for your guild's recruitment (Republic or Empire).
  • Set the status: Set the status for each of your classes and sub-classes to either high, medium, low, or closed.
  • Set an optional note
  • Display Closed classes: Enable or disable the displaying of closed classes.
  • Display apply link for open classes: Enable or disable.
  • Hide character avatar: Enable or disable character avatars on the vertical display.

What does it look like?




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