How to...Manage your DonationCraft Bans list


Store module bans/charge backs
What is it?

With the large DonationCraft May update earlier this month, came with it a great new addition to the most feature rich Minecraft store plugin around, a new ban manager section.

Users who make charge backs are instantly added to our global blacklist, and are no longer able to purchase from stores, unless the website owner/admin unchecks the setting "Prevent Minecraft users who have made chargebacks on other Enjin shops from purchasing" or removes the user in question from the Store -> Bans section.

With this new section in DonationCraft, you can not only add your own manual bans, but remove users who have already been blacklisted (Possibly from other store modules) and have had a failed purchase on your store.

Feature Overview

  • Charge back protection
  • Ability to add manual bans
  • Ban by Minecraft Username, Profile ID, or IP Addresss
  • Add 'Reason' for manual bans
  • Remove bans with a few clicks

What does it look like?

Back end -


How do I set it up?

There is no actual 'setting up' to do, as it's already active on all DonationCraft modules. You just need to head over to the Store Admin -> Bans section to get started.

How to add a manual ban?

Adding a manual ban is easy. You just need one of the following bits of information -
  • Minecraft Username
  • Enjin Profile ID (You can find this on Profile -> About Me)
  • IP Address
  • Reason (Optional)

Once you have the information to hand, just hit the 'Add Ban' button from the 'Bans' section of your store module.


From here you need to enter your information in the relevant field. You can also enter a reason for the ban - although this is optional.


Once entered, just press 'Add Ban'. If you gave a reason for the ban, this will appear in the Ban Manager overview and can be read by clicking the blue 'view' button'


How to remove a ban?

If for some reason you want to remove a ban, it's as simple as 2 left mouse clicks.

...No seriously, you just hit these buttons here. That's it!


The 3 T's

Tips and Tricks

- To find a users Minecraft character name, check under their 'Characters' tab on their profiles. Their Enjin account ID will also be listed on their 'About Me' tab.

- If a user makes a charge back on another store, and is added to that particular store's ban list and the global blacklist, they will not appear in your store unless they first try to purchase.


- Make sure you have the correct IP format when using the IP option. Entering an incorrect format will bring back an error.

- If you have been added to the global blacklist, Enjin won't be able to remove you. You will need to contact the server/website owner of the store you're trying to access to see if they can remove you from their Store -> Bans section.

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