How to...Setup your In-game store GUI [DonationCraft]


In-game Store GUI

What is it?

Enjin's In-game Graphical User Interface (GUI) for DonationCraft allows your Minecraft server community to browse your website's store inventory in a convenient and fun way! Gone are full text based purchases, and enter a far more visual and rewarding way to purchase from your favorite store plug-in!

Feature Overview

  • Multiple Shop Module Support
  • Display store categories and sub-categories
  • Customize your in-game item/category images
  • Full Sale Support
  • Full Cumulative Price/Discount Support
  • Point+Money Support
  • Instant Purchases with Points Support

What does it look like?

Front End -


Back end -


How do I set it up?

Our In-game GUI is really easy to setup! You just need to make sure you have installed our Enjin Minecraft Plug-in and added your server correctly to your Enjin website and store module. Details on setting up the plugin and store can be found in the following tutorials -

After you've setup your Enjin plugin and DonationCraft module, you simply need to activate the GUI inside the store module itself. The option can be found on the settings page of your store module (Store Admin -> Settings).


After everything is enabled and installed, just type /buy in-game or your custom set command for invoking the shop to start using this awesome feature!

The 3 T's

Tips and Tricks

- Make sure to customize your in-game shop via the DonationCraft module. Store Admin - Settings. From here you can edit various aspects of your in-game store, including colors and item displays.

- You can change your in-game item images and category images from store category and item 'Edit' windows.



- To launch the new shop in-game make sure you have updated your plugin to EMP 2.5.6

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