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Award System
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What is it?

Enjin has just released a fancy new award system, and with it comes a whole new method of encouraging website activity!

Awards are based and setup via our flexible tag system, and will be awarded when a tag is issued. The user will receive a cool notification message on-screen when an award is achieved, as well as having their awards showcased on their profile pages!

In this "How to" we'll walk you through how Automations, Tags and Awards are all linked, as well as how to create an easy automated award system.

Awards Feature Overview

  • Manage your awards easily from our Award Manager section.
  • Create and assign awards via the Tag Manager.
  • Customize and choose from a huge range of icons and images.
  • Select exactly where you would like your awards displayed.
  • Add award descriptions.
  • Receive on-screen popup notification when you gain an award.
  • Have your awards dynamically update to your profile activity wall.
  • New award profile section + profile widget.

What does it look like?

Front End -


Back end -


How do I set it up?

1) Add/edit your User Tags

The Awards system is based on our powerful User Tag system, and so to get started using Awards you'll either need to create some new user tags or edit your existing ones from Admin -> Users.


We've made it super easy to setup awards. Upon creating (Or editing) a user tag, just click the "Awards" tab after entering your usual tag details. From here you can begin setting up your reward with a Name and Award Group (To be placed in Admin -> Users -> Award Manager).


Further down we have some great customization options. You can choose an image from our preset gallery, or upload your own custom award icons! You can also set where you'd like awards displayed from the handy drop down box.


After you've made your tags "Awards Ready", it's on to the Automations section to get things moving (Quite literally).

2) Automations

Ah yes, Automations - wonderful things! Since Awards are based on tags, and you can hand out tags automatically with Automations, this section will soon become your new best friend.


Check out our detailed video tutorial for all you need to know about setting up a great and dynamic automation structure.


tl;dr version - just click "Create" or "Edit" Automation, select your criteria from the Automation list, and then select your Award based tag from the drop down "Add the following tags" -


3) Success - Achievement granted!

Congrats! You've just created an awesome new tag/award based automation system. Now sit back, relax and let the awards do the talking!


The 3 T's

Tips and Tricks

- You don't necessarily need to create a whole new set of tags to use awards. See if you can apply awards to your current tags to save you time!

- Make use of the "Award Manager" - It's seriously useful. Especially when you start using loads of awards.

- Try to use up all your plan's automations. Automated awards are the best awards!

- Award updates to profiles will only be seen while viewing from your own community.


- This system is fairly new, and there may be bugs. If you see any of those pesky things, send in a support form to the Enjin bug elimination team* -
*Can only assit with Enjin based technical bugs, not the real deal - phew.

What do you think?

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