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Twitter Widget
[Profile 2.0]

What is it?

With the release of Profile 2.0, Enjin has included a great new widget for Twitter integration on your Enjin profiles. Click a button and stay connected with all your followers!

Profile 2.0 Feature Overview

  • 100% Dynamic content updates
  • Cover/banner images
  • Theme Editor Support
  • New navigation system
  • Favorite friends + games
  • Twitter Widget
  • 3D Minecraft Character
  • Gravatar support
  • + Loads more. Check out all the features here!

What does it look like?

Front End -


How do I set it up?

This is the part you're probably waiting's great n'all, but how do I set it up? Luckily enough, like most our features, its pretty straight forward!

1) First method, navigate to your profile (top right drop down). From here you can setup the widget by selecting 'setup Twitter' from the widget section on your activity pages right-hand column -


OR, you can go here in your account settings -.


2) Next, we need to authorize Enjin to read your Twitter feed! Simply click the "Sign in with Twitter" option.


3) Now all that needs to be done is for you to click the "Authorize app" button.


And you're done! Let the tweets commence ~


What do you think?

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