Goal Manager

What is it?

The goal manager is where you will create your Stretch Goals, as well as design them. You will be able to preview all your created goals and information associated from the preview window.


How do I set it up?

Create Goal

To start creating your goals, just click "Add Goal" in the right hand corner.


Goal Designer

From the "Create Goal" window you will need to set a goal name, description and goal amount. You can also set a separate image for both goal in progress and goal reached. You can upload your own custom image or use our fancy built-in goal designer.

The goal designer works much the same as our item designer for DonationCraft, so check our our guide here for more information.


Goal Reached Actions

After setting a goal and goal image, you can set the actions to occur once a goal is reached. These options include to automatically tag users under the following conditions:




Server Commands

Like DonationCraft, our Stretch Goal module fully supports Minecraft server commands. Check out our guide here for more information on commands.




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