What is it?

The settings section within the Stretch Goal Module allows you to customize your module settings, from payment gateways, to reset options, to server commands.


How do I set it up?

You can access the settings section by clicking on the "Settings" tab when editing your stretch goals module.

Main settings options:

System Type - Set your store between Minecraft and generic (All games/communities)

Main Donation Button Text - Add custom text to the main donate button on the front end.

Secondary Donation Button Text -  Add custom text which appears below the main donation text.

Currency - Select the currency you'd like your goals displayed in.

Word For Reached Goal - Set a custom word that will appear on goals that are reached.

Minimum Donation Amount - Set a minimum amount that can be donated. Users cannot donate less than this.

Hide donation amounts and show percentages instead 

Show predefined Donation Amounts - Allows you to set multiple preset donation amounts your users can choose at checkout.


Goal Reset options:

From the Goal Reset section you can specify exactly how you'd like your stretch goals to be reset. You can select for your goals to reset when goals are reached, or on a specific date. You can also manually reset all goals from this section.


User Tag Actions

From here you can select global module tag automation settings when a goal is donated towards or reset. The options are as follows:


Payment Gateways

From the Payment Gateway section you can start setting up your payment options. These function and are set up exactly as their DonationCraft counterparts. Check out our guides here for information on payment gateways.

For reference, our supported gateways are as follows:

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