What is it?

The Stretch Goal "Payments" section is where all your website payments are located and logged.

How do I set it up?

To locate your Stretch Goal's payment log click on the Payments tab on your shop's admin panel and you'll find all payments made to your shop here. Click "details" next to each payment to get an even more in-depth view of each payment.

  • Payment Gateway: Displays the payment method used for each payment
  • Minecraft user: The username for the MC character that made this particular payment
  • Enjin user: The Enjin username for this user who made this particular payment
  • Amount: Full amount paid for this particular purchase/payment
  • Status: Status of the payment made by the user.
  • Date: Date the payment/purchase was made
  • Extra: View the full details of each payment and manually delete each payment.
  • Manually make payments on this page per MC username, or Enjin username. This is also a great way to test custom your shop for whatever reason.

Individual Payment Details

The following information / abilities are available to you by viewing the individual details for each payment made.

  • General Payment Details: Same information as on the payments page + the payment transaction AND the user's IP address
  • View this user's previous purchase history
  • Create custom notes for this purchase
  • Remove the purchase and set command actions - deleting the payment will also remove its cumulative discount value
  • View website tags given. Also view the status of the tags being given out, and remove the tags from this user in this area.
  • Server commands give. Also view the status of the commands being given out, and remove the command from this purchase within this area.
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