Creating Awards

What is it?

Enjin's Award system is a great extension of our already powerful and feature rich user tag system located Admin -> Users. Awards can be applied to tags, so that when a user receives a tag, they will also receive an award.


How do I set it up?


The Awards system is based on our powerful User Tag system, and so to get started using Awards you'll either need to create some new user tags or edit your existing ones from Admin -> Users.

We've made it super easy to setup awards. Upon creating (Or editing) a user tag, just click the "Awards" tab after entering your usual tag details. From here you can begin setting up your reward with a Name and Award Group (To be placed in Admin -> Users -> Award Manager).

Further down we have some great customization options. You can choose an image from our preset gallery, or upload your own custom award icons! You can also set where you'd like awards displayed from the handy drop down box.


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