Style Editor

What is it?

The Style Editor section is where you can fully customize your Stretch Goal layout and design. 

How do I set it up?

To get started, you will need to access the Style Editor. You can do this while editing the Stretch Goal module by clicking the "Style Editor" tab on the modules admin panel.

From the Style Editor you can Toggle your module widths, and preview changes in real-time from the preview design window.

Toggle Widths:




You can also customize almost all aspects of the modules design. The design sections included in out editor are as below:

  • Website Theme

Select whether you'd like your module to adopt your website theme settings or not.

  • Top Text & Button

Customize your modules Top Text and Button design.

  • Progress Bars

Customize your modules progress bars, including colours, backgrounds and size.

  • Unreached Stretch Goal Box

Customize your modules Unreached Goal Box, including colours, backgrounds and size.

  • Reached Stretch Goal Box

Customize your modules Reached Goal box including colours, backgrounds and size.

  • Misc Items

Customize miscellaneous module items such as stroke colours and gap sizes. 







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