Logging in as Mumble SuperUser (Admin)

What's a SuperUser?


The SuperUser account is used as the top authority within the entire server. When logged in as the SuperUser, you can do everything.


Logging in as Admin (SuperUser)

To login as an administrator on your new Mumble server you will need to download the latest version of the Mumble client. After installing Mumble on your local machine, open the client and click Server -> Connect from the client's top menu.


On the next screen, click "Add New..." to begin adding your new server and login details -


You will receive an "Add Server" popup where you will need to add your server details.

In the "Label" field you will need to add a name for our server. This can be anything you want. In the next two fields you will need to add your server IP and Port number. These can be obtained from your Admin -> Voice panel.In the "Username" field you will need to type "SuperUser".


This will prompt the password box. Enter your Admin privilege password in the password field, and then switch the value in the "Username" field to "admin".


Note: You can find your admin password in your Admin -> Voice panel under the "Generate password" field -



Note: Having access to this account means having access to everything. Make every effort to ensure that this account cannot be compromised! Never give out the password.


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