Mumble Server Settings

Server Settings

Your Mumble Server Settings can be accessed from your Admin -> Voice -> "Server Settings" section. From here you can setup some essential Mumble features, such as global passwords and AFK options.

General Settings

Under "General Settings" we can set the following options:

Server Name

This will be your default server name which users will see on top when connected. This will also display on the top of your server status module.


This will be the global server password that all users will need to enter to access your server.

Max Users Per Channel

Using this option you can restrict Mumble channels to certain amount of users only. This will prevent all users gathering in a single channel, for example.

AFK Timeout (Seconds)

Setting an AFK Timeout number will represent the time (In seconds) until an inactive user is automatically moved to the AFK Channel.

AFK Channel

The AFK Channel will be the default channel inactive users are automatically transferred to when gtheir inactive time exceeds the AFK Timeout amount.




Welcome Message

You can also set a welcome message from this section using the "Welcome message" text box and editor. This message will be displayed to all users who have connected to your server.


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