Downgrading your plan

How to Downgrade your website plan

Downgrading your plan is easy, and can be done in a few simple steps. Firstly, you need to make sure you're in-line with the lower plan's (The one you wish to downgrade to) module limits. These are listed below:

Advanced - 50 Module Limit

Free - 20 Module Limit

Before you can downgrade, you need to ensure you're within your desired plans module limit. For example, if you're on the Ultimate plan with 100 modules, you would need to delete 50 before you can downgrade to the Advanced plan.

You can view your module limit from Admin -> Modules.

After you have ensured you are within the correct module limit, you can then proceed to downgrade your website plan. You can do this from Admin -> Plan Billing section. Just locate the plan you wish to downgrade to, and click the small "Downgrade" option towards the bottom of the plan feature list.



Note: If downgrading from Advanced/Ultimate to Free plan any remaining website days will be forfeit. If downgrading from Ultimate to Advanced, your remaining Ultimate days will be converted to the equivalent number of Advanced days. 

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