Creating and editing macros

What are macros?

Macros allow you to automatically add text replies to tickets. Macros are very useful for saving time, especially if you find yourself providing repeat responses for a particular support issue. After assigning your reply to a macro, you will just need to click the macro button to populate the ticket with your reply, instead of typing out the response manually each time.

How to create a macro?

You can easily create macros from the ticket module -> macros section. When creating a macro you will need to fill in the following criteria:

Name - The name of the macro. This will be what shows in your macro list.

Global or personal - Global macros can be used by all agents, personal macros can only be used by the macro creator.

Content - Anything here will automatically be added to the ticket reply once the macro is clicked. 

Accessing macros

Once created, macros can be accessed (And edited) from the "Macro" drop down option when replying to tickets in your support ticket module.


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