Why are there advertisements on my website?

Why are there ads on my Enjin website?

If you are a Free plan user, there will be adverts placed throughout your website by default. The free plan is completely supported via advertisements, and for this reason we are able to keep it free and modules competitive.

How can I remove advertisements?

The only way to remove advertisements if you're a Free plan user is to upgrade to the Advanced or Ultimate website plans. This will not only remove all ads from your website, but provide you access to all our premium website features

Sadly, we cannot accept payments for just removing ads from websites. The only way to remove them is to purchase a paid website plan.

I'm on a paid plan but still see advertisements?

If you're on the Advanced or Ultimate plan you should not have any advertisements on your website. Two common reasons paid users may see ads on their website:

1) Local viruses, adware or malware 

Malicious software installed on your local machine can easily inject unwanted advertisements into your browser sessions. You can test this by visiting your website in a new browser window to see if the ads are gone, or testing other websites that are usually ad-free to see if you can still see advertisements. 

Solution - Run a local virus/malware scan to eliminate any malicious software that may be causing this. 

2) HTML Module advertisements

If you have taken ownership of a website recently, or have admins working on the website alongside you, you may have custom advertisements setup within HTML modules. Adding your own ads to websites is fine, and users commonly do this to earn commission from their website traffic. If you're unsure whether these advertisements have been placed by an admin, you can check your Admin -> Pages and Admin -> Logs sections for confirmation. 

Solution - Remove the HTML modules causing this from your pages in Admin -> Pages.




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