How to reactivate an inactive website

Reactivating a website

If your website is currently inactive, either due to lack of payment or a manual deactivation, you can easily start the reactivation process by following the instructions below.

Inactive websites (Non paid)

If you were on the Advanced or Ultimate plan and your website is inactive due to lack of payment you have two options. You can either purchase more website days on your respective plain from Admin -> Plan Billing, or you will need to downgrade to the Free plan to continue using your Enjin website. This can also be done from Admin -> Plan Billing by clicking the small 'Downgrade' option towards the bottom of the Free plan feature list.

Inactive websites (Paid/Free)

If you have decided to manually deactivate your website when you still had website days active, or were on the Free plan, you will need to head over to your website settings section to reactivate. You can do this as follows:

  • Log into
  • Go to your user dashboard > website settings
  • Click "Activate Website"

If you're still having issues, please send in a support ticket and we can manually reactivate the website for you.

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