Managing your forum subscriptions

Forum subscriptions

Enjin offers a flexible thread subscription system that allows you to receive notifications via email and/or tool bar when a user posts an update in a subscribed thread. Any threads you post will be subscribed to by default, but you can also manually subscribe or unsubscribe as you wish.

You can view your current forum subscriptions from Profile (Dashboard) -> Subscriptions.


Subscribe or unsubscribe to a thread

You can subscribe to a thread by navigating to the forum thread in question and clicking the "Subscribe" option in the top left hand corner of the thread window.


If you're already subscribed to a thread and want to unsubscribe, you can do this from the forum front end (The "Subscribe" option will be replaced with an "Unsubcribe") or you can unsubscribe directly from your Profile (Dashboard) -> Subscriptions section.


Changing your notification type

You can choose to receive thread subscription updates via email and/or tool-bar notification. You can change this option in Profile (Dashboard) -> Subscriptions. Just select the "Change Notification" option.




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