Banned from game/website or did not receive your purchase?

Banned from a website or game server?

If you find yourself banned from a particular Enjin website or game server you will need to contact the website/server owner regarding this issue. Enjin cannot help with bans website owners or admins have handed our on their personal website, or via their game server. We have no control over ANY kind of game servers hosted on websites, so this would need to be taken up directly with the owners of the website, not with Enjin.

If you feel you have been banned from the entire Enjin network, please submit a support ticket and we can check into this for you. 

Did not receive a purchase you made on a store?

Enjin can help with any billing queries related to purchases made for website days (Including subscriptions), voice server slots or header/theme purchases. We can't provide assistance for purchases made on individual website's store modules. If you have purchased a Minecraft rank, for example, but have not received it, you would need to contact the website owner to get this resolved. Things such as rank purchases are handled by the website owner or administrators, not Enjin. Please contact the website directly about the issue. 

Here are some large networks on Enjin and their related support/contact information:



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