Header Module Troubleshooting

Play Button on Header Module

Recent updates to Chrome browsers have stopped certain plugin content from running by default, this includes Flash based content. This makes our header module unable to show content without a play button. In the meantime you can use the List / BBCode module. To use this as a header have your image ready as a direct link to the image and use the List / BBCode module to display the image. Here's what it should look like in the module settings. 


Note that i'm using the [center] function so the logo is in middle of the page. This can be useful if the image is small. Make sure to hit create list item once you're done and add the module where your header was.

Alternatively, if you're on the Advanced or Ultimate plan, you can use a HTML Module to display your header image. Check here for our guide on inserting media into your website using HTML Modules.

Header image is split

If your header image looks "split", there are a few ways to remedy this:

  • Delete your current header module and try creating a new one.
  • Check your settings in your Admin -> Themes-> Theme Editor -> Header Module section. Try adjusting padding size or removing border images.
  • Alternatively, try using a HTML Module to display your header. 

For any on-going issues, please submit a support ticket so we can investigate further.

Custom header displays incorrectly

If your header module is not displaying, this could be caused by a number of reasons. Try one of the following to resolve this issue:

  • Reducing the size of your header image before upload
  • Re-naming the image file before upload (Try removing any spaces or special characters)
  • Disable any browser addons installed that could be blocking the image. Ie. AdBlock.
  • Test in another browser, and/or clear down your current browsers cookies & cache.
  • Make sure you have no custom HTML module code interfering with the header.
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