Creating ticket views

What are ticket views?

Ticket "views" can be thought of as containers or categories for sorting tickets, manually or automatically. Views will have assigned to them tickets depending on the views selected criteria. A list of the current view criteria can be found below:


How to create ticket views?

To create a ticket view container, head over to your ticket module -> views section. From here you can manage and create your different ticket views. To get started, click the add view option -




After clicking add view you will be taken to the add view popup. From here you will need to give your view a name, assign view permissions and add any view criteria. 

View Name - This is the name of the view category, and what will show within your ticket module.

View permissions - Select exactly who can access the created view by assigning website tags or teams.

View Criteria - This will allow automatic filtering of tickets based on the chosen criteria. You can filter tickets by a variety of options, allowing you to create a flexible and streamlined support system



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