What is the HTML Module?

What is the HTML Module?

The HTML Module is a unique module on Enjin, which lets you add your own custom code or script to your Enjin website. Currently, it's not possible to access a website's source code directly, so adding code via this module is the best solution for developers and coders looking to create more custom content on their Enjin site.

Check out our guides on the basics of using the HTML Module and understanding it's different interfaces:

Visual Editor

Source (Code) Editors


Does Enjin support PHP?

Enjin does not currently support PHP at this time. To use PHP, you would need to host the code externally.

Where else can I add code?

As well as the HTML Module, you can also add code directly to the website Header & Footer sections using our 'Code Injection' options. These can be located in your Admin Panel -> Settings -> Code Injection section.

Note: Both the HTML Module and the Code Injection section are only available to Advanced and Ultimate plan websites at this time. These features are not available on the Free website plan.

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