Twitch Stream List Module

Stream List Module Options

Stream Type

  • Custom Streams - Allows you to add custom streams and groups.
  • Specific Games - Feed data from your selected Twitch games.
  • Featured on Twitch - Feed data from the "featured" on Twitch section.
  • Feed from Showcase Module - Feed data from your Showcase Modules.

Display Mode

Select a display mode between Small Side List and Small Blocks.



Channel Manager

If you have selected the "Custom Streams" or "Specific games" preset, you can take advantage of our channel manager when editing and organizing your chosen streams or games.


To add a new group or stream/game, you just need to select one of the options towards the right of the channel manager:


Type in your streamers Twitch name or your game name:



If you find that your Twitch data is not syncing immediately, you can press the "Refresh streams" button to force pull the data to the module:



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