Protecting your Wiki content

Protecting your content

Making sure your Wiki content is safe from editing abuse, or even deletion, is essential for websites owners. We've added some useful tools to your Wiki Module's settings section to help combat this kind of behaviour. You can access your Wiki Module's settings by editing the module from your Admin -> Modules list.

Wiki Module Permissions

We offer a large range of different permissions options for your Wiki module. You can use these to restrict editing and viewing access to only specific user groups. These will allow you to be flexible with your Wiki editors, but also provide a good level of security. To set permissions you would just need to select the appropriate tags/teams from one of the drop down options. Our list is as follows:

Global Permissions

  • Who can fully administer this Wiki
  • Who can edit page access settings
  • Who can create and edit pages
  • Who can moderate comments
  • Who can rename & delete pages
  • Who can upload images

Page Permissions 

  • Who can view page
  • Who can edit page
  • Who can comment on page

Vandalism Controls

For further security, we also offer options to prevent vandalism. These options can be found towards the bottom of your settings section. We recommend reading through these options and applying the settings that best suit your community, and how many active editors you will have.




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