Creating Wiki pages

Creating your Home Page

Your first Wiki module page will likely be your home page - the page which visitors first see when arriving, and the page that helps direct users to other helpful pages.

To start creating your first Wiki module page you just need to click the "Create a new article here" link on your newly created module:

You can the start to edit your homepage:


Wiki Markup

Wiki markup, also known as wikitext or wikicode, consists of the syntax and keywords used to format a page. You can view a full list of syntax here.

To make things easier, below is a pre-formatted example home page in which you can add your own text and links. You will just need to copy this into the "Edit" section of your page:

=='''Main Page header'''==

==='''First Sub Header'''===

Place text content here.

=== '''Second Sub Header''' ===
* [[Bullet Point Text]]

==='''Third Sub Header'''===
* [[Bullet Point Text]]

==='''Fourth Sub Header'''===
* [[Bullet Point Text]]


Creating additional pages

To create additional pages on your Wiki module you will need to click the "Wiki Menu" botton and then click "Create New Page" from the drop down list:


Adding Categories

Categories act like "tags" allowing pages to be more easily organized and found via the search function. You can add categories to your pages using either Wikicode or our built-in category field.


[[Category:your category text here]]

Category field:



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