Forum Vote Levels & Progress Bars

Setting up vote levels

Vote levels are a great way to provide a sense of progression within your community. You can assign each level a voting point value, and also add a progress bar to the forum front end so users can keep track.

To enable voting levels you will need to create them from your Admin -> Modules -> Forum Module -> Vote Levels section.


From here you can design your progress bar and configure how you'd like level data to be displayed. Note, this setting is a global setting and your vote bars will affect all forum modules on your website once enabled.



To compliment your vote bar, you can start creating voting levels your users can work towards. These are based on the number of forum votes a user receives, and can be used to reward with points and tags upon completion.

To create your vote levels, you would just need to select the "Create level" option from your main Vote Levels section:



You will need to give your voting level a name (This is different to the system name), specify how many forum votes are needed to reach the level, and also configure any rewards you want the vote level to provide. You can also customize the colour of the progress bar for each voting level.


Once you have a few vote levels added, your voting progress structure will begin to take shape. Now time to level up!


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