Create your unique identity with a unique username!

What is a unique username?

A unique username is a way of identifying a user without having to remember their numerical user ID.

Setting your unique username will create you with an easy to remember way of accessing your profile and hence establishing your unique identity on the Enjin network.

For example, instead of having to remember:

You will be able to easily remember and use:

If you have used your numerical user ID in the past to link to your profile, fear not! User's accessing your profile with the numerical user ID will automatically be redirected to your profile with the username.


Which characters can be used in my unique username and what are the restrictions?

  • You can use any letters in the English alphabet (a-z).
  • You can use any numbers (0-9).
  • You can use an underscore as long as it's not repeating (2 or more in a row).
  • Your first character must be a letter.
  • You can only use lowercase characters.


Are there any requirements in order to set a unique username?

We have only recently implemented this new feature and therefore we will be phasing it out to the public in 4 phases. The current requirement is:

  • You must be the owner of an Advanced* or Ultimate website.


How do I create my unique username?

If you meet the requirements listed above, you can follow these steps:


* The Trial plan does not have access to this feature as it's a separate plan that is used to test out Advanced features on your newly created website.

† You cannot (nor can Enjin Support) change, remove or transfer your username once it has been set: choose wisely.

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